We offer a complete recruitment service for high-quality professionals in the mechanical and electrical engineering, nuclear, energy and rail industries, right up to director and senior management positions.

About Us

We have operated out of our registered offices since 1994. John King started the company whilst a service user in a previous position (Senior Construction Manager Tunnel Drives & Commissioning Manager Fixed Equipment, TML / Balfour Beatty, Channel Tunnel) as a direct result of his inability to source suitable personnel through various recruitment agencies.

We are now proud to boast some major multi-national organisations within are portfolio of clients, including; ABB, Alstom Power, Alstom Power Conversions, Amec: Capital Projects, Group, Infrastructure, Rail and Spie, Balfour Beatty: Civil Engineering, International, Major Projects, Management, Power Networks, Rail Power and Rail Projects, Converteam, EDF: Energy, CIT, Contracting and Infrastructure, Eurotunnel, Mowlem Power Engineering, Network Rail, OLE Alliance & GTBBJV, Pirelli Construction, Powergen, Rail Link Engineering JV (Bechtel, Ove Arrup, Systra and Halcrow), Rolls Royce Power, Scottish Power Power Systems, Siemens: Power Transmission & Distribution and Transportation, etc.

We specialise in the supply of high quality project staff and personnel, including; design, construction, installation, commissioning, up to director, senior management and supervisory levels, predominantly in the electrical, mechanical, control, instrumentation and power supply management disciplines.